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Links for British and Irish Expats

Missing TV from home!!  Not any longer. Whether you live in Australia, UK or Europe you can still access British and Irish TV using the following software


This allows you to change your IP address and pick a UK or Irish Location. So when BBC or Netflix check where you located, you will appear to be still in UK or Ireland. Dont miss out on your favorite comedies, dramas or soaps. Low pricing at $6.55 a month for a full year subscription


With UnoDNS, users in Europe can get full access to services like Hulu, Netflix and Crackle, which would normally be unavailable. On the other hand, users in the United States can also access content from the UK such as BBC iPlayer, ITV player and content from other countries as well. We've been assured that this service is completely legal. UnoDNS does exactly what it claims to be able to do, and it does it extremely fast, with very little set-up required. It's a fantastic service

Missing books and magazines from home. Please try



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